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Ultrasonic Imaging System

The standard IntraSpect™ Ultrasonic Imaging System contains many features that facilitate the acquisition and analysis of ultrasonic data.

  • The Analysis Software provides C-, B-, B'- and A-Scan displays for data interpretation.
  • The Corrosion Mapping feature performs a statistical analysis of wall
  • thickness data and also reports any indications below minimum wall requirements.
  • Weld inspections are simplified by using
    • Weld Overlay
    • Auto Flaw Sizing
    • Angle Corrected B-Scans
  • Disbond inspections can be performed using
    • Ring-Down Ratio
    • Power
    • Power Ratio C-Scans
  • Automated data analysis and material evaluation is achieved using the Flaw Classification feature to report indications based upon user-definable parameters (amplitude, size, etc.).
Amdata is renowned for his pioneering ultrasonic non-destructive examination and non-destructive testing technologies
Typical inspection report generated by the IntraSpect™Ultrasonic NDT System of the AMDATA product line.