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Manual Scanners for NDE

"Badger" Scanner

The 4050 Manual "Badger" Scanner is a magnetic-wheeled single-axis scanner designed for manual raster-type scans of pipe, flat plate, and convex or concave surfaces.

Movement via the wheeled axis provides precise, controlled motion of UT or ET probes over the test piece. Position information is supplied by a magnetic encoder for the wheeled axis. The scanner is equipped with an indexing button in lieu of second-axis encoding. The Model 4050 is water resistant and has a durable powder-coated cast aluminum housing. It is designed to withstand harsh environments and temperature extremes.

The scanner is compatible with all IntraSpect™ Data Acquisition and Imaging systems in the AMDATA product line.

WesDyne manual magnetic scanner badger for NDT / NDE of flat, convex and concave surfaces
Model 4050 Badger Scanner in the AMDATA product line.

Link to datasheet for magnetic scanner badger

Model 4020 Manual Scanner

The Model 4020 is a manually controlled scanner. It is designed for use on a bench or table top beside a planar or near-planar specimen. It has single rods that provide the X and Y axes. The sensor is mounted on the end of the Y axis rod. It also has incremental optical encoders that provide scanner position input to the . . . (read more)

Model 4030 Manual Scanner in the AMDATA product line.
Link to datasheet for model 4030 manual scanner

Model 4030 Manual Scanner

The AMDATA 4030 manual scanner is a magnetic wheeled, two axis scanner designed for manual raster type scans of pipe, flat plate and convex or concave surfaces. Movement in both axes is mechanically guided to ensure precise, controlled motion of a UT or ET probe over . . . (read more)